Auricular therapy is a method of healing by stimulating different acupressure points on the surface of the outer ear ard needled with small, sterile, disposable needles in order to help many complaints. In auricular acupuncture the ear is seen as a micro~system of the body,

Auricular therapists believe that there are over 200 points on the ear that are connected to a particular organ, tissue or part of the body.

So, if something is out of sink, its corresponding point on the ear may be sensitive or tender to touch and pressure, or a mark, spot of lump can be visible.

Stimulation of the ear is then carried out by means of acupuncture needles, or minute electric currents or a laser beam used.

An auricular acupuncture session involves placing 5 or 6 small, sterile, disposable needles in each ear. The needles are placed in acupoints corresponding to the area we wish to help, so they may place a needle in the neck point if you were suffering from pain in that area.

It is claimed that the therapy can be helpful for various chronic conditions including rheumatism and arthritis.

The actual practice of manipulating needles in the ear to cure diseases is not a new therapy but a very ancient one.

It has been used many hundreds of years in some eastern and Mediterranean countries and in China and is also now becoming quite popular in the UK.



    • Glad it worked for you hutt, sometimes it works for me and sometimes it doesn’t. It depends who’s giving it to me, a bit like a good or a bad plumber 🙂


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