Daily Muse

Research has shown that even a brief catnap can improve your memory and state of mind.

According to German scientists, they have now proved that a six minute snooze is as helpful as a longer sleep.

Apparently it strengthens the brain connections that help information stick.

I’m off for a catnap then, bye for now …………..


  1. I wish I could catnap then! but I can never ever sleep during the day annoyingly….! HOwever… I’ll try very hard to catnap as I could do with my brain connections being firmed up I reckon. 😉


    • Try just sitting down for half an hour with your eyes closed and listening to relaxing music, if possible using ear phones (then you don’t hear anything else) and concentrate on something hard and you will find that suddenly half an hour has gone by. Try it, it will work honest 🙂 x


      • I’ll give it a go…. could really have done with a catnap today but just couldn’t drop off…..lay on me bed with boring radio prog on…. and eventually the phone rang and I LEAPT out of my skin! :))


      • lol, sorry dt, I shouldn’t laugh but I could just visualise it. You need the hands free then pop it under the pillow like I do. C always gets it if he is in as he hates me to be disturbed but I can guarantee if he is out and I have the phone it will go while I’m resting 🙂


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