shopping trolleys direct

Feeling independent is vital to us all, but especially for the disabled or people in chronic pain.

I am lucky enough to have the help of my husband for almost everything, but I do have the occasional stay with my daughter on my own. It was thinking about this that promoted me to look into what was available for back pain sufferers.

I must say, it took some finding but eventually I found a site that sold the ‘rolls royce’ of shopping trolleys. Now we all remember the old fashioned shopping trolleys that our Grans wheeled around but these are a little different from that.

One company had over ’70’ different colours and fabric combinations and most are unbelievably light, waterproof and fold flat. There’s a choice of three wheelers or two wheelers, some with adjustable handles (perfect for diddy old me) and some with small bags attached to them at the front (keeping hands free to pull trolley and use walking stick).

So, the next thing was to decide which one do I buy, do I go for the skin effect or the plain black?
But it wasn’t the decision on what colour I wanted that was holding me back from buying them it was the ‘shopping trolley’ logo in my head that put me off.

Then I noticed down the side of the shopping trolley site a link to ‘drag bags’, which is basically what I need. After all I need something to pop a few things into including my laptop that is easy to pull along with my stick but also easy to handle when on the tube or bus.

‘Marketeer’ is the maker of these type of folding bags on wheels who have 45 years of experience and is the UK’s largest shopping trolley and drag bag designer and manufacturer. It’s lightweight, easy to manoeuvre, has an external front pocket (great for train ticket) and an adjustable handle and folds flat for storage.

Decision made, this is exactly what I need and with only a few colours/fabric combinations to choose from I will just go for the classic ‘black’. I do hope this find of mine is helpful for other back pain sufferers.

More details on the shopping trolley website, http://www.shoppingtrolleysdirect.co.uk

Marketeer Drag Bag



    • I cannot tell you the trouble I got into the last time I popped over to see my daughter. I have make up and other bits are her flat so that I do not have anything heavy to carry but just before I left her laptop died on her so I just popped mine in without thinking.

      The pain was unbelievable and my daughter fell out with me over it for a couple of days as she just thought I was sooooo naughty even ‘trying’ to carry it with two neck fusions.

      Bless her, she was only thinking of me but gave me a real mouthful. I won’t do it again for sure as I didn’t half suffer so I will definitely be buying one before I go down again. I’ll take pics and keep in touch how good it is etc.


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