HealthUnlocked with one of it’s many partners ‘NHS Choices’ is a website set up to ‘transform patient experiences into clear understanding’.

It offers support and answers for patients, families and carers.

HealthUnlocked creates health-focused, online communities for patient organisations.

They say they are a team with years of experience in the health sector and NHS and are experienced in developing easy-to-use web-technology for patients support.
90% of members feel better supported
90% of members feel less isolated
72% of members are more likely to raise awareness for the charity

It has all the tools a ‘GP’s surgery needs to get patients’ opinion and feedback

There is a section on ‘Patient-reported outcomes’ with some case studies to read about, one
Case study: Spinal surgery – HealthUnlocked has partnered with the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital to implement a web-based system that allows doctors and patients to track the results of back operations in the form of patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs).
This secure system provides any clinician or hospital department with a way of engaging patients in recording and communicating their own treatment outcomes.
It’s designed to help patients quantify how effective the treatment has been as well as giving doctors an easy-to-access, visible record of their results. This happens via iPads in clinic or online at home….

Some of the Latest communities are –
Couch to 5K (NHS Choices) New
Behcet’s disease (ABDA) New
Cavernoma (Cavernoma Alliance UK) New
Cancer (Tenovus) New
Sjögren’s Syndrome (TASSA) New
Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease (CMT UK) New
Ataxia (Ataxia UK) New

This is most definitely a brilliant website to put into your favourites for any of your health related problems.


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