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In March of 2010 I wrote an article on ‘Lidocaine infusion for pain relief’, and two years on I am still getting comments about the use of it.

At that time I was only reading about lidocaine infusion as being used regularly in Australia and America as a treatment for some types of chronic pain.

I’d read a few articles on it also being used to treat people suffering from Fibromyalgia so I was quite interested in anyone who had used this type of pain relief.

Now, it seems to also be available in London, Lincoln, Scotland, Cornwall, and Canada but comments on its benefits are quite mixed.

After reading up on it they seem to to think that it doesn’t work for all types of pain, but only to reduce pain that is caused by over-activity of sodium channels inside the cells of some irritable nerves.

However, what a lidocaine infusion can do is to quickly determine whether your pain responds to this type of medicine. ‘This type of medicine’, being, a sodium channel blocker, which blocks activity from irritable nerves responsible for some types of pain, such as neuropathic pain.

I’ve yet to be offered this at my pain clinic but I guess funding could come into whether it is available in your area.

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  1. Barb, Lidocaine infusion seems interesting for back pain sufferers. Everyone knows how good Lidocaine is in numbing a part of the body. But I wonder what are the side effects this method would also present.

    Spatch Merlin
    How to Get Rid of Back Pain Guide


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