You should never feel alone in pain nowadays as there is so much help available. Apart from help from your GP and other specialist’s there are also some brilliant support groups and websites to help you.

One such website is The Chronic Pain Site which, they say, will take charge of your chronic pain.

This site is dedicated to provide guidance in the comprehension and management of chronic pain. They believe that a well informed person has the ability to take charge of their own pain, rather than having pain take charge of them.

You can click a link to go to the forums where you can find help on spinal pain, fibromyalgia, myofascial pain and chronic fatigue as well as managing pain, rest and relaxation. Or, you could go to the articles section to read up on your condition.

Some other brilliant uk sites are or and


5 thoughts on “NEVER FEEL ALONE IN PAIN…

      • I’m getting better all the time , albeit SLOWLY .
        It’s my left hip, thigh and knee that is the problem; aches and pains 😦

        Found a nice physio now who has a rehab plan involving stretching and building up muscles as well as acupuncture.

        :wave: stay well and happy too xxx


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