Researching fibromyalgia with the help of books has to be a great way to learn about your condition. If you can educate yourself about the condition then you can help yourself, and explain it to your family and friends.

Believe it or not this disease is still often a misdiagnosed condition so the more you know the better.

Fibromyaglia UK has a link to the Fibromyalgia Shop which has an excellent choice of books that you can purchase through them at very reasonable prices.

I have bought a number of them and will review them as I get through them but one excellent one is ‘Fibromyalgia and Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome : A Survival Manual ‘ by Devin J Starlanyl, Mary Ellen Copeland and Christopher R Brown.

This book offers anyone suffering from fibromyalgia or chronic myofascial pain (they are VERY similar) a guide to managing these, and as I said before, often misdiagnosed conditions.

It includes coverage of promising new research on the causes of fibromyalgia, evaluation of new treatments, and the latest information and medication.

It’s not the size of a paperback book but well worth having on your book shelf. A second hand edition of it is by far the cheapest option.



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