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The latest Glow Yoga sounds wonderful to me, anything with heat gives me a feeling of relaxation right from the start.

Warm up and unwind, Glow Yoga is a dynamic flow yoga combined with the principles of Pilates and movements from related disciplines. Each class comprises of an intelligent sequence of postures that flow from one to another, delivered with a care that will challenge, but also nurture.

Glow Yoga is practised in a warm room, heated to a comfortable temperature which allows your body to safely open and relax.

The infra red heat offers benefits such as reducing muscle stiffness and weight loss. The SAD studio ambient lighting gives you all the benefits of a sunny day.

At Glow Yoga we like to take things at a pace to make sure that your body has time to process the instruction with options throughout the class to allow everyone to find their own practice,
Glow Yoga creates effortless harmony in the body. Each class is designed to create a balance of strength, tone, flexibility and mobility and a calm mind.

After a Glow Yoga class you’ll be smiling at strangers, helping old ladies across the street and beaming out good vibes all day long!

I can’t find any available in my area but if you have them then I’d recommend having a go.

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