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I have written in the past how deficiency in Vitamin D can cause back pain in women and cause havoc on your immune system, well now they say we also need it for our bones.

It allows your body to absorb calcium, without it, your bones become brittle and weak. In adults loss of Vitamin D can lead to osteoporosis.

To check you have enough Vitamin D you need to be able to expose some portion of your skin to direct sunlight for 15 – 30 minutes a few days a week, however UV rays can also cause cancer so its getting the balance that is important.

Adults, infants, children and adolescents can all be affected by a deficiency in Vitamin D, so your diet is very important. If its low in milk or the foods that naturally contain Vitamin D like salmon and eggs then you need to try and increase these types of food into your every day diet.

Low Vitamin D may also worsen the prognosis for women with breast cancer. And it has also been shown to cause depression and weight gain.

Other food sauces of Vitamin D are egg yolks, cod liver oil, beef liver, margarine, yoghurt and some cheeses. You can of course, take some supplements if you feel you need more.

21 thoughts on “VITAMIN D AND YOUR BONES…”

  1. As I slowly became housebound I started taking vitamin D 6 years ago, despite at the time having had my blood tested and being told it was fine. I took the decision myself knowing that most of our vitamin D comes from the sun. There is now a lot of chatter about the connection with MS, personally I don’t see it at all. If you are limited in your ability to be outside I would still highly recommend a supplement just to be on the safe side.


    1. What do you mean with the connection with MS, are they saying that Vitamin D is ‘bad’ for MS? I agree with you about if your limited to being outside then you need a supplement. I told my Dad to take a supplement of Vitamin D as he is hardly ever in the fresh air and it made him feel tons better. Happy Easter llw, hope your having a good one and not eating toooooo many chocolate eggs :))x


      1. There has been a lot of chatter on the MS websites saying that one of the possible reasons for MS is lack of Vitamin D. I simply don’t agree with it as one of the things that was checked over and over when doctors didn’t know what was wrong was my Vitamin D levels and there was never anything wrong with it. I also didn’t notice any difference in pain levels when I started taking it. So in my personal experience I can see no connection.


      2. I didn’t realise that, thanks for posting this as I’m sure others will have read what has been put on other websites. I think we all know that lack of Vitamin D can make you a little sad and tired so it’s easy to ‘blame’ some of your symptoms on lack of it, but like you say, you noticed no difference in pain levels even when taking a supplement. Have a lovely Easter Saturday 🙂


  2. How interesting…… I didn’t know there was any connection before reading this… hmmm…. must sunbathe much more often 😉 but seriously… I have heard that MS can be the result of vitamin D deprivation in the mother when pregnant so summer babies are more likely to be affected as their mothers’ pregnant through the winter – not much sun. So also affecting more people up north. Don’t know if this is true…

    My mum was born up north and is an August baby – also month premature and she has MS. Coincidence? I don’t know….


    1. Gosh that is fascinating aat, especially after the comment about. It does make you wonder though. I’m going to look into this. Hope your having a great Easter, and enjoying lots of yummy eggs, cos I am :):):)


      1. But it’s not EAster Sunday yet! You shouldn’t be eating your eggs yet?? I am not allowed to eat mine (if I get any, which I doubt!) till the Sunday????


      2. 🙂 You NAUGHTY! :)) Glad to know I’m not the only person to do things like that…. 😉 I am unlikely to get one but never mind! I might buy myself one actually! :))


      3. 88| tut tut!! I got three Easter eggs….. a little Cadbury’s cream egg from the care agency in my work schedule… a tiny little Lindt one from a lady at church and a tiny little one from the priest 🙄 which was actually in a tiny perfectly knitted ‘duck’!!!!!! So I had a few moutfulls of easter egg altogether! Huh! Nowt from Daughter! So I went and bought myself some chocolates…. :))


  3. Great post. This is so true. I find if I am stuck inside to long or it is gloomy out side for days on end I do tend to get a bit depressed. As I get older I am more concerned about my health and specifically my bones for longevity. I will try and get more natural sunlight however, I may need to supplement as well.


  4. Yes, do Juliette you will notice a difference. My daughter is inside all day and I always suggest she goes for a walk in her lunch hour outside especially if the sun in shining. It does make sense really. Thanks for your comment 🙂


  5. Some specific pain generators that can cause localized back pain are:
    • Muscles causing spasm, myofascial syndrome or fibromyalgia
    • Injured ligaments from a back sprain
    • Facet joints (articulations of vertebral bone) arthritis.
    Radiating pain, Also commonly known as Sciatica, is often described as “current like sensation going down a leg”. It usually indicates nerve root irritation or compression occurring as a result of:
    • Lumbar Spondylosis, a degenerative condition of the spine that can cause lumbar canal stenosis
    • Prolapsed intervertebral disc (or slipped disc)
    • Spinal tumors or infections
    As there are many different causes of back pain, and some of these can have serious or urgent implications, it is important to always get your doctor to do a full assessment and to properly diagnose and treat back pain.


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