McKenzie Night Roll

When lying in bed try the Fowler Position, on your back with legs bent at right angles and supported by a pillow stack which helps to minimise pressure on your discs.

According to wikepedia the Fowler’s position is a standard patient position. It is used to relax tension of the abdominal muscles, allowing for improved breathing in immobile patients as it alleviates compression of the chest due to gravity, and to increase comfort during eating and other activities. It is also used in postpartum women to improve uterine drainage. The patient is placed in a semi-upright sitting position (45-60 degrees) and may have knees either bent or straight.

Another way is to lie on your side with a pillow between your legs, or use a McKenzie Night Roll cushion to support your waist.

No one knows more about back and neck pain than Robin McKenzie. The world-renowned physiotherapist and author has dedicated his working life to developing innovative and effective solutions to neck and back ailments. Currently used by leading physiotherapists worldwide his range of lumbar rolls are the result of 40 years of expertise in successfully treating neck and back problems. This McKenzie night roll ties around the waist or can be pinned to the bed sheets to support the lower back. It helps to prevent strain that can be caused by poor sleeping positions.



    • I CANT go asleep lying on my back even though I know I should and have for years gone to sleep on my front which is the worst position. But, after continually changing my position to sleeping on my side I seem to be able to go asleep on my side. Mind you, most mornings I wake up on my stomach again but I do fancy trying the night roll.


      • A couple of years ago I got a serious lung infection and spent 2 days and 2 nights in hospital with a drip feed in my arm. I didn’t get a wink of sleep the whole time I was there, because I had to stay on my back. I felt so ill when I left because of lack of sleep! I suppose you must eventually get used to it?


      • Oh that sounds nasty Tom, my hubby is just getting over a lung infection but he sleeps on his back but he kept me awake with the noise from his infeciton 🙂


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