Tai Chi

With some many people now trying out complementary and natural remedies, it’s important that you find out that they are fully qualified.

The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council’s register has practitioners who meet the standards of proficiency for their field.. They must also hold professional indemnity insurance, have no criminal record and agree to abide by a code of conduct.

Therapies include yoga, Alexander technique, reflexology, nutritional consultations, aromatherapy and much more. Go to their website,



  1. although I agree with what you are saying not all honest, insured and fully qualified therapists can afford to join these associations, they charge a fortune and don’t really give you anything back in return in my experience just the letters and logo to put on your site!
    Word of mouth and if that’s not good enough you can ask to see insurance documents and the achievments that the therapist has gained!
    By the time we have paid our insurance, paid for continual development courses, paid for advertising, if we joined all these associations we’d go bankrupt as the majority of the therapists I know do that make that much money but are in this type of business because they love what they do – doesn’t mean we haven’t got bills to pay!


  2. Hi Susan, Thank you so much for you input on this post. It’s nice to hear such honest judgement on these institutions of which there are many. The general public should, like you say book mostly by word of mouth.


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