X ray

Are x rays dangerous? Well, no-onecan actually say ‘yes or no’ but we should be fully informed about the radiation you receive from scans, especially if you have to have a number of them.

The risk of cancer associated with low-dose medical imaging is still contraversial, with no actual evidence proving that cancer can arise directly from these procedures.

X rays are an important part of the medical profession finding out what your problem is and without one could be a matter of life or death.

MRI’s are perfectly safe, it’s just xrays or CT scans that are questioned.

They say that careful consideration is what is needed when you are asked to have an xray, but generally it could be the only way forward to find out what your problem is.

4 thoughts on “ARE X RAYS DANGEROUS?…

    • That’s the problem with mri’s – its the cost as they show everything. I’ve had a ton of those but they are safe but then I’ve also had a ton of the ordinary ones as well. Not a lot I can do about it really.


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