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For anyone who didn’t know chronic pain is when you have experienced pain for longer than six weeks and acute pain is pain that you are experiencing for up to six weeks.

There are a number of reasons for chronic back pain, from compression of the lumber vertebrae to prolapsed disc and sciatica.

The problem with chronic pain is that it doesn’t go away easily, it’s best treated with drugs and some complementary treatments or injections. All of which might not work the first time you have the treatment.

To avoid any sort of pain becoming chronic you should ‘never leave it to longer than a couple of weeks before you have seeked medical help. By then you will definitely need some form of treatment after investigation, but getting it sorted before then can be the difference between very little or no pain to constant chronic pain.

So, just remember never ‘leave’ it or else you mind end up with ‘keeping’ it.



  1. Chiropractic care has made a resurgence in growth lately This is because of the great advantages it has over other forms of treatment. It is non-invasive, unlike surgery, so it is being recommended more often. Chiropractic methods seem to focus on the natural healing properties of the body. All this has led to a huge gain in popularity of chiropractic treatment.


  2. I am looking for help for my son. He is 43 and has had two major back surgeries. Now they tell him that scar tissue is forming around the surgery site and pressing on his nerves and have told him the only recourse is powerfull drugs for the rest of his life. I cannot accept that. Is anyone aware of anyplace you can go to get some permanent relief. There has to be someone someplace that can help him.


  3. Hi Jean, sorry to her about your sons predicament. I am in no way qualified in anything related to back pain so can only tell you what I did after being told the same thing.

    I got my name down to go to the nearest NHS pain clinic ( or see a private one if you have health insurance and see if there is a local support group in your area or look online for any other type if help available. There is plenty out there which can offer other ways to help with the pain, ie regular spinal injections, blocks and similar treatments. He needs to be under a pain consultant who will look after him long term and assess his situation.

    Hops this helps, let me know how you get on.


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