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Prolonged sitting puts more than normal pressure on your discs, which in turn puts your back at risk of damage.

Office workers, who spend a lot of their time at a desk or computer for hours and hours , without breaks, are extremely vulnerable to back pain.

The same goes to anyone who may be bed-bound or unable to move around due to an illness or condition.

Your back becomes vulnerable to stress due to your back and stomach muscles not being exercised regularly or not being moved.

You then end up with stiff joints, ligaments and muscles with restricted blood flow which can then cause more problems to you condition.

It’s actually not just the inactive that are vulnerable, even if you are pretty fit without continual breaks and movement of your spine, just about anyone can end up with a problem.

Unfortunately for women and fans of high heels, experts have found that they can also cause unnatural stress on the spinal muscles and ligaments so if you can wear lower heels or even flats during the day, your back will be stronger.



  1. Anyone who wears high-heels a lot has to be crazy….:) My back has been so much better since I’ve had my very busy constantly moving and physical kitchen job and been walking or cycling my care round :yes: And then that prog on the tv that said the human body was designed/evolved to RUN 8|…. and sitting is not what it is designed/evolved for… so yes…. good post and very true toooo!


    • So glad to hear your back is much better aat. It is so true about inactivity affected your back pain. With the awful weather we have had I’ve not walked any where near as much and in fact some days not at all and I have really been suffering because of it.


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