double bed

Some say a firmer mattress gives the spine more support, put that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the most appropriate for your condition. Personally I have a lot more pain with a firm mattress as it presses too hard on my Fibromyalgia tender points.

There are actually no definite claims that a firm mattress helps back pain, but it is thought that the mattress should provide support for the spine along the spine’s natural curves.

It can also cause pain for people who sleep on their sides as pressure at their hips and shoulders would be felt from the firm mattress.

The most important thing is that you feel comfortable on your mattress whether it be a softer mattress, or even a waterbed.

They say that as an overall rule of thumb, any mattress that helps a person sleep well, so that he or she wakes up feeling rested and refreshed, and without pain and stiffness, is quite obviously the best mattress for that individual.

According to Spine Health ,’there are two main factors that comprise a mattress:

Support: The coils or inner springs in the mattress provide support for the spine. A mattress should have enough coils to provide adequate support and allow for the natural curves of the spine.

Comfort: The padding on top of the mattress primarily provides the comfort (thick padding may be called “pillow top”). This is really a matter of personal preference – some people prefer thick padding and some thin.

In general, the higher number of coils and the thicker the padding, the higher quality (and more expensive) the mattress. However, this does not mean that it’s necessary to buy the mattress with the highest number of coils and/or thickest padding’.

The best way to find your most comfortable mattress is to try it out. This of course is not easy but you can lie on them in the store for a few minutes or make a note when staying with friends or in a Hotel what sort of mattress it is if you have a good nights sleep.


  1. It is true, you should try them out if you can, mattresses are very expensive and should be bought after careful consideration. I was also told they should be kept no more than 6 years and then only if you turn them regularly – mine is for a superkingsize bed and is horse hair – way too heavy to turn often!


    • I do manage to turn mine, with help, but I have a topper egg shell and buy a new one every three to four years but a super king like yours are much too big to move.


  2. thanks, it’s interesting that there’s so many different factors of a mattress that contribute to good or bad spinal health. I’ve had a memory foam mattress for a few years now, from the company I work for and I love it. However Iv’e heard many people complain about the sinking feeling it has. Sue


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