Dementia Awareness Week 2012 20th – 26th May, 2012

This week is Dementia Awareness Week, their annual awareness campaign. It’s a big opportunity to increase understanding of dementia and to get people to remember that there’s more to a person than the dementia.
As part of the week please share the video with all your friends and family.

Some of the things they say you should do to reduce the risk of getting the disease are,by keeping a check on your blood pressure, increase your B12 intake, walk around 3o minutes per day, watch your fat intake and keep up with the research.


9 thoughts on “DEMENTIA AWARENESS WEEK, 20th-26th May…

    • You are so right there Tom, the increase in this disease you would have thought would warrant much more awareness of it. Years ago you would probably only know of about one person with this awful disease, now you know a handful of them.


    • And the figures of dementia sufferers is increasing ten fold. As I said to Tom, you would think this terrible disease would warrant far more awareness.


  1. Lately, because of my 100 year old mother, I’ve been learning of some of the advantages of dementia. It’s not really all bad… especially when you’re retired. Sometimes I see it as a merciful gift to oldsters. Me best wishes to you, Barbara.


    • What a lovely way of putting it Shimon, so typical of the amazing way you look at life. I do hope others will read your comment. Thanks Shimon, and best wishes to you also 🙂


  2. Well done for highlighting this….nobody wants to get dementia given the option I guess so good to have tips on how to minimise the chances of getting it. I do agree with Shimon though as well… and in fact my grandmother had dementia and she seemed very happy….. having had a very unhappy marriage and family life for so many years, and I actually thought it gave her some years of not worrying or stressing about anything, but just being like a child. Of course some people are very frightened with it…. but I do think my grandmother had it as a sort of blessing in a wierd way….xxx


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