Am American Chiropractor has found a unique method for back api , and is available to everyone ( if you live in Spain).

Doctor Ronald E. Conger is an American Chiropractor who according to a local newspaper in Spain, has hd great success with his treatment, ‘muscle-jointology’.

He has treated celebrities with his new treatment and has been working as a chiropractor for 20 years, however his treatment method is unique.

He is the only person to research the ‘iliopsoas’ muscle, a muscle which can cause physical pain in the back, neck, hips and knees and is the only muscle that is connected to the intervertebral discs od the lumber spine and upper leg.

He says that this muscle can be the difference between bad or good posture, pain and no pain.

Part of his treatment includes a light massage to prepare the bones and muscles for him to then stretch the muscles a couple of times. The patient can then be taught how to do the stretches themselves.

Doctor Conger’s practice is based in Torremolinos in Malaga, Spain but you can find out some more details from his
website Muscle Jointology



    • I’ve had a browse while here in Spain but cannot find anyone in th UK, but I have had a Myofascial Release massage which is done with stretching so whether these are similar I will have to find out some more 🙂


  1. Cervicocephalic arterial dissection can cause both ischemic stroke and hemorrhagic stroke. However, spontaneous cervicocephalic arterial dissection presenting only with headache and neck pain has rarely been reported. The clinical features of patients with spontaneous cervicocephalic arterial dissection presenting only with headache and neck ache were investigated.

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  2. Ronald Conger appears to be running a very strange set-up in Torremolinos in Spain. Firstly, he does not appear to be registered with the Spanish Chiropractor’s Association??? And secondly, there is no landline in the office he works from – there is only a mobile number. I tried to phone over a period of many weeks at different times of the day, and no one answers, and there is no answerphone. Finally when I did get through, it took 15 minutes on the phone to book the appointment, I had to wait around 2 weeks, and then just before my appointment, I received a text message telling me that the chiropractor had packed up early for the day and could not see me. – No phone call to apologise and re-arrange. I phoned back, and the lady who works for Ronald who had been so unhelpful on my first phone call, was extremely rude, and put the phone down on me.


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