A recent study has shown a link with sleep problems and Fibromyalgia.

Women older than 45 have the greatest link of the sleep problems.

The exact causes of Fibromyalgia still remaining a bit of a mystery but the researchers found a connection with women who have persistent sleep problems are more likely to develop Fibromyalgia than women without sleep problems.

This research is important as it could indicate that sleep problems could be an important factor in developing Fibromyalgia.

It is also possible that improving your sleep may ease some symptoms of Fibromyalgia.



    • My other half suffers from the ‘stop breathing’ snoring which I have forgotten what it’s called. He’s been like that for years but sleeps well (in his mind) and would never go to the GP anyway.


  1. I wake up every couple of hours always do and i struggle with pain in my neck so i have to lie a certain way for that then i turn over and if i lie on my right side i have viscious hip pain. I dont tell the doc because its a waste of time. It is 2.0clock in the morning before i start to fall asleep and then its not for long. I woke up this morning dizzy and i still feel a bit dizzy now tiredness i guess.xx


    • I’m exactly the same a, the hip pain is wht I think is one of the worst tender points in Fibro, it wakes you up with a jerk doesn’t it? I’ve been awful this week which I think is the weather? Hope your feeling less dizzy which will, like you say be all part and parcel of everything.


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