Anaphylaxis Campaign has launched an ‘Allergy Wise’ online training guide, so people can learn more about severe allergies.

Anaphylaxis is an extreme allergic reaction affecting the whole body, often within minutes of exposure to an allergen.

Around 750,000 Britons are thought to suffer an anaphylactic reaction, but numbers are rising dramatically, with hospital admission up by 700 per cent between 1990 – 2004.

Symptoms include laboured breathing, rashes, throat and mouth swelling and feeling faint.

If you have ever experienced it yourself or seen others suffer from it, it can be quite alarming. My son at the age of seven suddenly developed an allergen to fish which he had eaten from when he was tiny, then suddenly reacted against it. Fortunately the GP I called out came quickly and soon spotted it. Fortunately we have only had a couple of episodes, one which ended up with a hospital stay, since being diagnosed. He now carries an epi pen around with him.

I also suffered what they thought was an allergen to an injection in my spine but it actually turned out to be that the drug had leaked somewhere that it shouldn’t, but the symptoms were the same, and I must say it was quite frightening.

No one knows why its on the rise but it has been blamed on Western diet and changes in diet, with such an exposure to new foods.

An estimated 21 million adults in Britain have at least one allergy, and the numbers are increasing by five per cent per year. But a new test, CRD, component resolved diagnosis, can help to predict the risk, which is available on the NHS.

Awareness is therefore very important, which is why I have high lighted this condition on my back pain blog.



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