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I had to be at the hospital this morning for 9am for my long awaited injections as my last lot were last AUGUST !!!!!

I seemed to have got lost in the system, and I’m not one for pestering, so I just let the time plod on then I think my GP’s letter got the ball rolling again.

It’s the first morning appointment I’ve had which is great as you can drink up to 7am and no food from midnight the day before whereas the afternoon sessions seem a lot longer.

After being checked in with the usual questions and your band put on your hand you are told that there is no set pattern and so you will be called when you are called.

Usually I’ve waited for a few hours before I was taken down to theatre, so this time I went armed with some knitting and a magazine. I can’t seem to concentrate on a book as I’m just to busy being nosy.

Well I’d no sooner put my gown on and the trolly came down for me, it was only 9.30am !!!! My pain consultant was ‘lovely’ as usual, he has such a good bedside manner ( not like yours gillyk) and was put out that I’d waited so long for this appointment and has now put me down for them every four months and has said if I do not get an appointment one month before to get onto his secretary.

I’ve only ever had the one injection but after a few discussion we decided two might be more appropriate. I then rocked the boat a bit and also said my right sciatic nerve is giving me jip (after the way I walked with my bad foot) so could he do that as well.

Hmmmm, he says, hmmm some more, then, ok, lets go for it !!!!!!!!!

It all went well, obviously a tad sore after three, my bp was up a bit but then settled and back in my room for 10am and got hubby to come back for me at 11am then I was back home resting by 12 Noon. How about that for service.

Slept all afternoon, which I usually do when I have one so I guess three made a difference.

After the weekend I plan to try to come OFF my Tramadol. No,I’ve not gone mad, honest.

I’m just sick and tired of the side effects, sick and tired of reading the BAD things about the drug and to be honest after my last operation (which nearly wasn’t), I kept saying I would do this once I had some more injections.

I don’t plan to go cold turkey as I’ve read how awful you feel and WILL take my time but that is my plan. I just hope I can stick to it.


7 thoughts on “MY SPINAL INJECTIONS…

  1. I hope they all work for you Barb. We are getting our grandson’s meds changed too – from Chlozapine back to Risperadol. His weight has been balloning out – horrible for a 21 yr old.


  2. Oh poor kid, like you say, awful for a youngster. I had a bad night, terrible headache but common with this type of injection but very determined to get off or get right down on my mess. Not looking forward to it as I know I’ve been on them too long. Hope the new drug is better for your grandson. 🙂


  3. Spinal injections sound so serious but if they work then that is wonderful – I really hope you get some pain relief and can cut back on the Tramadol (my mum is on Tramadol)…..

    Hope you are feeling better and getting some good sleep at night….HUGSxxxxx


    • Thanks aat, actually I had quite a reaction from the steroid this time and only just feel normal. I was on fire but without a temperature, my face looked like I’d burnt it in the sun. But it can be a side effect which wares off so I presume as I had three this time, that’ that’s why it was so bad. So, another bad night last night but fingers crossed for a good one tonight. Hope your keeping well and have a nice Jubilee Day today xxx


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