They say that dogs can actually smell your pain before it strikes.

In the US, a charity called ‘Paws for Comport’, used a dog bread called ‘Xoloitz Cvintli’, also known as the Mexican hairless or Yolo (never heard of it) to help people with chronic pain, brought on by conditions like Fibromyalgia.

All dogs have a naturally high body temperature, but as the Xolo is virtually hairless, it feels hotter to the touch.

They found that when these dogs snuggled up to their owners, their body warmth provides relief similar to that provided by a heating pad.

Personally, I do agree that my dog seems to ‘know’ when I’m in a lot of pain but although far from hairless, can still warm me up when she snuggles next to me.


2 thoughts on “DOGS AND PAIN…

    • Good luck with the gym hutt but be careful, I tried it and after being assessed got a bit cocky on my own and pulled a disc. Stregthen it up first and take care 🙂


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