Magnet Therapy

‘Mindfulness Meditation’ is a very simple way to meditate. All you do is focus on your breathing, observe your thoughts and bring your attention into the present moment.

Meditation is thought to date back to the fifth and sixth century BC. Stories were written in ancient Hindu about it, and is featured in most religions.

Ed Halliwell, author of ‘The Mindful Manifesto’ says that ‘it can help you experience the moment and not be drawn into habitual emotional responses’.

Halliwell goes on to say that ‘research on human brains during a meditation state has revealed a shift in activity from the right side of the pre frontal cortex, which is linked with depression, over to the left, which is connected with emotional reassuring and happiness’.

Research has actually shown meditation can ease depression, lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, boost immunity and healing, and lower blood pressure.

Mindfulness meditation is now an NHS approved treatment. You can find a course or practise it on your own.

For more details go to the website http://www.themindfulmanifesto.com


5 thoughts on “MINDFUL MEDITATION…

  1. Breathing is definitely one of the most important things that we forget about. Learning how to breathe is as important as eating healthy.

    Wish you a wonderful day,


  2. Striving to be healthy does not only entail keeping physically fit. If one is stressed mentally and psychologically, this will have its toll on one’s overall health. Meditation is a good way to take one’s mind of stress and just relax.


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