Apparently certain foods can upset your digestive system and others can make our muscles ache and our bodies drag.

The problem with Fibromyalgia is that the sleep disruptions that we suffer from can make you hungry at strange times which doesn’t help your digestive system.

According to a recent Fibromyalgia study fifty percent of patients reported a significant reduction in pain and three quarters reported improvements in symptoms like headaches, fatigue, discomfort, shortness of breath, and hives by going on the elimination diet.

The elimination diet is in a book called ‘Diet and Nutrition’, and is available from the Fibromyalgia Network website in the US, (not sure if you can order it for the UK).

They say ‘Fibromyalgia disrupts your digestive system, potentially interfering with the absorption of important nutrients and adding to your symptoms. Altered hormones and metabolic controls are also common in Fibromyalgia. Not only do these factors contribute to your pain and fatigue symptoms, they may also be at the root of the perplexing weight gain’.

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