Apparently according to an article in Woman & Home, ‘a whole cast list of celebs, and the Queen’ use Homeopathy for treating different conditions.

Homeopathy is a 200 year old holistic healing method which uses the principle of ‘like cures like’, where a substance that causes symptoms when it’s taken in large doses can, when used in highly diluted amounts, treat those same symptoms.

You can buy remedies over the counter but for a serious condition its best if you go and visit a Homeopath to discuss your needs. You usually need at least one or two different types of homeopathic medicine to help with your problems, but it’s usually not to expensive and has no known side effects so worth a go.

Some Homepathic websites to check out are ‘The Faculty of Homeopathy’, http://www.britishhomeopathic.org and ‘The Society of Homeopaths’, http://www.homeopathy-soh.org

Some places to buy your remedies are ‘Ainsworths’, http://www.ainsworths.com who reputably hold royal warrants from the Queen and Prince Charles for their homeopathic remedies.

‘The Organic Pharmacy’, http://www.theorganicpharmacy.com which is modern and helpful.

‘Helios Homepathy’, http://www.helios.co.uk who has great first-aid kits and soothing creams.

3 thoughts on “HOMEOPATHY FOR PAIN…

  1. I’m very dubious about homeopathy. The British Medical Association say it has “no scientific basis”, “is worthless”, “should not be marketed as a medicine”, and is “unethical”. But perhaps most seriously:

    “We risk as a society slipping back into a state of magical thinking when made-up science passes for rational discourse”

    Magical thinking started as a term criticising “faith healing”, but fits perfectly as applied to homeopathy. There is the real risk that sick people will avoid true and tried medical treatment because of “worthless” homeopathy or something like it. It’s not worth risking lives for something so dubious.


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