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Eat citrus fruits, such as oranges and grapefruit as they can reduce your stroke risk.

A US study has shown that taking Vitamin A, also known as retinal could ‘possibly’ cut the risk of developing skin cancer. It found that by taking a daily Vitamin A supplement it produced a forty percent reduction in skin cancer risk.

The British Association of Dermatologists has joined up with the Met Office to create the World ‘UV’ app, that checks UV rays and shows how much UV radiation is being emitted that day, so that you know how much sunscreen to put on.



  1. Useful tips Barmac.

    Another one is to take vitamin C (e.g. fruit juice or tomatoes) when you are eating an iron-rich food. This helps absorption of the iron. So for example, having a bowl of chilli contains kidney beans (iron) and tomatoes (vitamin C). If you have your chilli with meat in it (I don’t as I eat vegetarian chilli), then the meat also contains iron.
    Some veg contain both vitamin C and iron, so they are even better. These can be found by searching online as there are quite a few.
    Lack of iron can make you feel quite sluggish and in some cases, extremely unwell. So it’s worth checking out your diet if you are feeling tired all the time.


  2. Well citrus fruit is the best way to get Vitamin C if you can. I’m getting over one of the longest colds I’ve had. It lasted for weeks, knocked the crap out of me. Cough, cough! Some antibiotics and an immunity boost tablet.


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