So many things can cause you back pain, in fact far to many to list but I found found a few tips on how to avoid the most common causes of back pain.

Standing incorrectly I suppose is an obvious one but they say that if you can avoid leaning while standing (against a wall or similar) and do not stand on one leg as this can create muscle imbalances.

For women they say your bra is very important, which is something I have written a little bit about before. Apparently London’s Royal Free Hospital says that 100% of women who want a breast reduction is because they are suffering from back pain and most of them were found to be wearing the wrong sized bra. I think its easier now as most department stores have fully trained staff to measure you properly.

Sitting at your computer is a very important one. They say its because you have to lean forward or stretch out with your arms, both of which can cause back ache. To stop this happening they recommend that you set your keyboard so you rest your arms on the desk to use it, and your screen so that your head is straight when you look at it. Well, I now only work from a laptop as I cannot sit in a computer chair comfortably because of my back but I do put my laptop onto a cushion and support both my arms with cushions as well. However, as far as my head being straight when I look at my screen, well I think that would be impossible for me.

Another point which I must remember next time mine goes into spasm is to use ice rather than heat as this helps reduce any inflammation.

They also say sitting too much can cause back ache as apparently when you sit down, the load going through your discs is increased threefold so they recommend that you move regularly, ideally every 20 minutes. Well I’m afraid I do sit most of the time but my legs are always horizontal ( not sure if that helps) but as I do get uncomfortable often I do have to move around quite a bit so hopefully at least I am doing that right.

Low vitamin D levels was quite a shock for me as I haven’t once been told to take any form of supplement for my back. They say it is because deficiencies in the sunshine vitamin D are now strongly linked to back ache which they say is because insufficient vitamin D makes surfaces on your spine soft and spongy, which then irritates the nerves. Their top tip is to take a supplement of vitamin D. Hmm this one will be an easy one to try out anyway.

Finally, only for the girls again though its back to high heels causing back ache due to the way they tilt your pelvis forward and like my previous article on heels, they suggest alternate heel heights so no need to throw all those beautiful heels away, just wear them occasionally.


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