lymphatic system

Some people call them back pain ‘episodes’, others call them ‘attacks’, or ‘spasms’ or ‘my backs gone out’, whatever you call it, it basically means that your back is going through a ‘playing up’ phase.

Your spinal support muscles play an important part in keeping your back in shape and can also be aggravated by an episode or trauma.

If a muscle tears from a trauma, its blood vessels are also damaged and the surrounding tissue becomes inflamed, which is what has happened in my case.

Muscle strains and tears often also produce spasm, which gives a sudden, intense, involuntary muscle contraction. And although muscle spasm is very painful, it is the body’s natural mechanism for protected injured tissue by temporarily splinting the part to limited movement for healing purposes.

My lumber spasm only started this morning while cleaning my teeth but fortunately I had an appointment at the Physio today for my neck trauma injury. What I have written above is exactly how the Physio explained to me how my back is at the moment.

I had no treatment today, instead sent home to rest with heat or ice packs in the hope that it would settle down a little more before she gives me some physiotherapy in a couple of weeks.

This has totally immobilised me which has not happened for a number of years, but it has made me appreciate and remind me how your spine works and why it sometimes goes like this.

Rest and sleep is always my greatest healer so combined with heat (I don’t like ice) and anti-inflammatory I am hoping mine settles down sooner rather than later.


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