With some many of us sitting at our desks for many hours in one day, it’s essential to take regular breaks. But also with a few simple measures you can prevent back ailments.

When you are seat your should be able to place your feet flat on the floor. If this is not possible then you should invest in a small foot stool.

You should have your lower back supported (with a lumber support or towel).

Try to maintain about a 90-degree (or slightly greater) angle between your thighs and your back.

Try to keep your forearms, wrists and hands in a straight line.

Always have your computer screen slightly below eye level.

Never cross your legs as it tilts the pelvis too far forward and can increase the spinal curve at the small of the back.

Try to arrange your work area so that all the items you use regularly are within easy reach.

Don’t hold your telephone handset between your ear and your shoulder, use a headset or speaker phone as this can not only cause lumber problems but cervical problems as well.

Make sure you take regular breaks to walk around the office throughout your day.

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