Fibro ring

National Fibromyalgia Awareness week has been running this week from the 3rd – 9th September.

It’s a time when support groups have local acitivies to raise awareness of Fibromyalgia.

Look in your local rag to see if there are any coffee mornings, stalls in shopping centres, and craft fairs etc.

Take a look here for more details


The UK Fibromyalgia Awareness Week 2012 is an opportunity for people to make a push for awareness of Fibro in the UK.

To celebrate UK Fibromyalgia Awareness Week 2012, FibroAction are making available to everyone the posters and flyers we supply to groups and clinics. If you would like a pack of A4 posters and A5 flyers to put up in your local area, email FibroAction on

Other events from around the UK this month include a social with Leicester Support for ME (for people with ME/CFS or Fibro) on 14 September and a talk organised by West Lothian Fibromyalgia Support Group on 16 September.

FibroAction is 100% dependent on voluntary donations for its awareness work.



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