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Isn’t it strange, how nature makes your forget,
That terrible pain you have and continually get.
It comes in waves when you least expect it,
And you think, please stop now and give me a rest for a bit.

With my batteries recharged, I’m ready for the next bout of pain,
Gosh, I forgot how it was driving me insane.
I keep my head high and everyone says I look just fine,
But they have no idea how I really feel at this present moment in time.

I may not have bandages and plaster anywhere on my body,
But believe me it just keeps on coming back and driving me potty.
Now I’ve tried everything available in the book,
And yes, it helps but only with my foot!!!

I’m writing this poem as I just can’t sleep,
It’s that awful pain again from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet.
I’m sure one-day someone will find a cure,
But until then I shall just have to suffer some more.

So, while your sleeping like a baby in bed,
Think of me sometime while I try again to clear my head!
I’m afraid that’s all I can think of, for the time being anyway,


  1. Exercise is the best way to keep back pain on the bay. Regular exercise can not only relieve people from back pain can also help them to stay fit. Sometimes back pain is so painful that people cannot perform regular work. In that case they are advised to visit a doctor before starting exercise. I have searched internet for hospitals on back pain and came across some good hospitals. Visit here to view the hospital, hop my reply was useful.


    1. Thanks for this helpful comment Abigail. I wish I could do more exercise but I am fused top and bottom so struggle to do any type of exercise other than walking that doesn’t irritate my back .


  2. My goodness, I sincerely hope this isn’t too much influenced by autobiographic experiences? It sounds like things have been truly agonising, but you convey that in such a beautiful and flowing manner.


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