Magnet Therapy

Sit down and with three pieces of paper write the headings WORK, LEISURE, ME

With a friend or a partner (someone who knows you well) brainstorm the aspects of each that you ‘want’ to change.

Now take each ‘want’ and think of ways in which you can address it.

So, for example if you would like more excitement at work, explore in house training courses, additional roles you could discuss with your friends, boss, partner.


10 thoughts on “MOT FOR YOUR MIND…

  1. Hi, gillyk, Dad is doing well and should be out tomorrow. My bloods have come back with a number of problems but can be sorted with drugs etc so nothing to worry about too much, thanks. Hope your well as well and like you all I want to do right now is go to bed and read my book :))


  2. Hi barmac, this is a great idea. Sometimes the reason we cannot get to sleep is that there are too many things on our minds- things we need to work on, fix, change in our life. Writing it down is a good idea.


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