Yesterday I had trigger point injections into my gluteal hip, left and right sides to help with referred pain from my back and myofascial pain.

Trigger Point injections are a mixture of local anaesthetic and steroid into a painful knot or tight band of muscles, for pain relief.

The local anaesthetic injection will numb the area and give immediate pain relief but sometimes the symptoms can be stirred up after the anaesthetic has worn off.

Last time I suffered quite a severe what you could only call ‘a hot flush’ but one that did not go away. I did not have a temperature but my face was very red and I felt on fire, which can be caused by the steroid.

The consultant decided to give me less this time and I am making a note of if I get the same reaction, which so far so good, just a little hot but nothing like last time.

You are not allowed to drive yourself home after the injection and have to rest in recovery for about half an hour with a drink and a biscuit before they allow you home.

Some time pain relief can be immediate and other times it can take up to 10 days but if they do work you can repeat the injections every four months.

My last lot were successful on one side but not on the other which maybe something else so it is being looked at in the pain clinic.


  1. What a business, Barbara, and how courageous you are to go on and on and on with such perseverance and toughness of character. I know you will probably say ‘needs must’ but there are plenty of people who would spend their lives moaning in a similar situation. Hugs!


    • Thanks gillyk, I guess from day one I decided I had to try and ‘always’ be in control of my pain which means I do need these extra pain relief injections in order to ‘manage’ it. I’m still on fire at the moment due to the steroid but it should settle tomorrow. xx


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