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November is officially Lung Cancer Awareness Month.

It all started as Lung Cancer Awareness Day way back in 1995. As the lung cancer community and the lung cancer movement grew, the awareness activities increased and grew into Lung Cancer Awareness Month.

During the month, many people throughout the country and the world come together for the lung cancer community. Events are held. Articles are written. Facebook statuses are updated. Videos are created and spread online. Proclamations are issued.

It is important to remember, that these are all important things that can happen throughout the entire year, not just in November.

Here are some ways you can help:

Shine a Light on Lung Cancer Vigil: The largest coordinated awareness event for lung cancer takes place every November. This year, we anticipate 125 events in three continents!

Team Lung Love: Our endurance training team includes lung cancer survivors, loved ones and others who run, walk, bike, swim, you name it! for lung cancer.

Attend or host an event in your area: Find a lung cancer event in your area or get the tools you need to host one!

Share Your Story: Your story is important. Share it with others.

Contact Congress: Your elected leaders need to hear from you about lung cancer. Ask them to support the Lung Cancer Mortality Reduction Act.

Secure a Proclamation: Your Governor can officially declare November, Lung Cancer Awareness Month in your state. It is a very simple process that can bring added attention to lung cancer. Contact Nisa Natrakul,, for more information.

Faces of Lung Cancer: Submit a picture of you or your loved one for this online gallery that shows the true face of the disease.

For more details or to host or attend any of the above events go direct to the Lung Cancer Website -



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