Beat Stress

BEAT STRESS by Alice Muir – Your asked a number of questions about your srress levels, then the book provides straightforward, practical advice on lowering them, with both quick fix solutions and more long-term, mindfulness approaches.

The De-Stress Diet

THE DE-STESS DIET by Anna Magee & Charlotte Watss – The diet is around the connection between chronic stress and weight gain. It teaches you how to learn to eat, relax and exercise to calm your mind and get a better body.

Stress Less

STRESS LESS by Thea Singer – Hundreds of studies are used to show how stress makes you feel and look bad. It explains what you can do to re-energise your mind and make sure stress doesn’t age you prematurely.

The Myth of Stress

THE MYTH OF STRESS by Andrew Bernsteing – This book claims that scientists have got it wrong and that rather than the modern world triggering our ‘fight or flight’ instincts, stress is all down to you.


    • Good for you bda, I think with me it depends on the circumstances ie I definitely got a bit stressed with Dads situation whereas if I was with a friend and we had an accident, I’d go into overdrive to deal with it all. Stress can effect you in so many different ways. x


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