They say that if you practise yoga it can give you a physical and mnetal overhaul. With over nine different types of yoga to practice, don’t give up hope the first time.


Try Digi-Yoga if you have no time for a class by using iPhone apps and the Nintendo Wii Fit. Look at Pocket Yoga for the iPhone which has poses and detailed instructions and different levels to keep you interested.

Yoga Trainer Pro is another one which has over 70 unique poses to try.


8 thoughts on “YOGA…

  1. Yoga is wonderful! I’ve practised hatha yoga, on and off since I was at school. A few years ago I realised I’d stiffened up somewhat and took it up again and my stretchiness and flexibility is pretty much back to normal – ie much better than most non-practising individuals!

    It’s great for your back … keep it up!



      • Seriously, do try. Go to classes (it’s better demonstrated to you than picked up from a book) and explain you have back trouble. Yoga has no competitive element, if you can only bend half an inch that’s all that you’ll need do. You’ll loosen up over time and most positions have a ‘compromise’ version for those who cannot get into them.



      • Thanks for that L, I think I will feel a bit of a twit at first as I can hardly bend not just because I am unfit but due to the fusion in my neck and lumber spine, but like you say if I explain it at the beginning it will not be expected. 🙂 x


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