As most of you know I’ve had quite a hard year this year with one thing and another, which has meant a quite significant increase in my pain.

After I’d finished my allotted physiotherapy treatments recently, my physiotherapist said that she would write to my GP to suggest a referral back to her, so that I could carry on with further treatments as the treatment had not been that successful.

I was soon asked by my GP’s surgery to go and see my own GP as soon as possible.

When I arrived for my appointment it was not my usual GP but one I had not met before who said that he’d had a letter from my Physio saying that she felt I seemed ‘quite low’ the last time she saw me due to the amount of pain that I was in. He then asked if I could do with some help with my pain, to which I replied that I had seen my Pain Consultant recently who was sending me to see his Physio for some Acupuncture to see if this would help.

He then said that he didn’t mean that ‘type’ of help, but did I think that some ‘Counselling’ for my pain would help.

‘Counselling for PAIN’, I said, ‘ I think I could probably ‘give’ others counselling but ‘no’ I did not feel that I needed any counselling, thanks very much’.

I must admit I was a bit ‘cross’ that they felt this was a rather ‘urgent’ matter and that I was seen by a GP that I did not know and who also did not know me at all, and to suggest I needed ‘counselling’ was quite outrageous.

‘Counselling’ for pain is not something I have read about nor come across in all the time I have been suffering with chronic pain, as a treatment for chronic pain. I did say to him that ‘ I am allowed the odd down day, like anyone else in chronic pain, but having counselling was something I did not think could help me’.

He seemed a little taken aback as if it was cut and dried that I needed this type of treatment so I have decided that I will book an appointment to see my ‘own’ GP in the New Year to talk about it with her.

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  1. Why knock it , until you’ve tried it ?
    Im my limited experience as therapist , a couple of clients were freed from pain . In one case it was back pain that was linked to an experience in childhood. In another a headache disappeared after a short visualisation.

    I have friends you have experienced good results with hypo therapy and regression to previous lives.

    Just saying .
    good luck with your search, Barmac



    1. Thanks m, you are looking at it on a different perspective than me, I was quite offended I think that they ‘thought’ I needed it but I guess really I should try ‘everything’ before I decide whether it works or not.


      1. I see what you mean . A patronising attitude would offend me too- the idea that THEY know better and know what’s good for you … grrrrrr ” my way or the highway ” seldom works. You need to be fully on board for treatment for work,

        Yours is quite a journey , Barmac.

        (((hug )))))



  2. I hear you my friend. I suffer horribly with my back pain. Sure I get terribly depressed but don’t want to talk about it to a therapist as yet. I would if I felt the need though. Please let me know how it goes. *gentle hugs*


    1. Thanks m, as I said to Miraze, I guess I should not question it until I have tried it. I was just a bit upset that they thought ‘I couldn’t cope’, when I’ve controlled it the best I can for the last ten years. I’ve had back problems for 30 years but it wasn’t until the last failed operation that failed that I’ve become a chronic back pain sufferer. I think it was just my ‘pride’ that hurt !!You take care my partner in crime :)xx


    1. Glad to hear your back is keeping a bit better at the moment. I just haven’t quite got back to controlling mine again yet since the accident in July but I’m sure once I’ve got it back in control again I will be fine. I should give this a go I guess.


  3. I think counselling might help you if you let it – with counselling sessions although prescribed to address the difficulties caused by pain may be able to cover the other stuff that has/is making you feel low too – maybe offer new coping strategies.


  4. Hello Barbara,

    everyone is not getting younger. Sure the chronic pain branded also in your thoughts and brain. Maybe Barbara the downs support back pain.

    If they think you are down there is a reason for counselling treatment. Down times could be little depressive phases. Biogenetical is happening a lot in your body. Hormones work and they communicate in chemistral ways with organs which the produce substances for more pain.

    I like to read more about counselling treatment

    Best Regards


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