Drinking at home

‘Give something up for a good cause’, say Alcohol Concern, http://www.dryjanuary.org.uk – they point out that if you give up alcohol for a month, you will not only feel better, save money, have no hangovers but will also reduce your waistline.

You can get people to sponsor you and help raise money for Alcohol Concern for research and awareness about the harmful effects of alcohol.


    1. Good for you Bushka, but I do think could be good for some who are addicted to it. Give them a better goal to reach. I’m not a drinker either as I take to much medication and it doesn’t mix. I don’t miss it though x


  1. Excellent idea :yes: though I drink almost nothing, but I imagine it would be very helpful if you’re somebody who knows that they need to cut down. The fact that you’re sponsored means that you are accountable, and if other people are doing it too you don’t feel so isolated. I wish the campaign lots of success. Thanks for posting this one, Bar.


    1. Thanks gilly, I think anything that can help people who are addicted to alcohol need all the help they can get and when I read this I just felt it should be shared x


  2. I gave up drinking well over a year ago because of all the medications I am on due to my poor, weak spine. I wish you a wonderful evening. And hope you have a pain free day. Xx


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