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If your in acute or chronic pain and just haven’t had time to get to the GP to sort it out then you could go to Lloyds Pharmacy’s as they have FREE Pain Assessment Services in their stores.

They will listen and suggest what’s best for you, from reviewing your medicines to making changes to your lifestyle. It’s being supported by ‘Action on Pain’ and to find out where your nearest Lloyds Pharmacy is just visit


4 thoughts on “FREE PAIN ASSESSMENT…

  1. That is a great service for people. We have something similar over here offered to people by the various drug store companies. It’s a good thing. And no, in answer to your question from a previous comment, I don’t miss drinking any booze. Never thought I would say that but there you go. I hope you had a great day. Xx


  2. Had a very productive day today actually m, cleared the kitchen cupboards of any fattening food left and out of date items then managed to save my husband over £100 on his car insurance by getting a load of quotes using my laptop while resting with my heat pad. All in all a good day all round. xx


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