My fellow blogger ‘spiritbird’, has allowed me to use his last post on a new bed he has bought which has given him the best sleep in years. Something which a lot of back pain sufferers would cherish so much…

Back pain relieved byspiritbird

I have returned specially to tell you of a recent discovery I have made. As a long term back pain suffere due to spinal injuries from many years ago, I have always had trouble sleeping due to inefficiant mattressess. Last December I took delivery of a Mammoth mattress. This design is an improvement by another company on the Tempera mattress. It is made from medical grade? foam and is both supportive and cool. I took a few nights to get used to as it is an entirly new feeling to it but since then I have had the best nights sleep in a great number of years. I awake in the morning without the stiffness that sleeping causes and with no “bed” ache. The mattress is endorsed by the Centre of evcellence for sleep science, The British Athletics Commision, The rugby players asociation and the Chiropractic Patients Association. You can view it on video at Ours was bought on recommendation by a young salesman at The Bedroom Centre in Worcester after he had listened to what we were looking for. Not cheap but worth every penny to finaly get a good nights sleep every night. An additional bonus is the fact that being 100% naturally hygienic my rhinitis has been considerably reduced to the point of not using medication to keep my breathing clear whilst asleep, result, less headaches in the morning.


As he said to me ‘After spending many years and a great deal of money trying to ease my suffering it gives me pleasure to finally share some good news. It may not be to everyones choice or pocket but it has certainly been my best investment over the last thirty years.



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