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NATIONAL HEART MONTH, 1st February – 28th February…

After losing my Mum to heart diseases at the early age of 53, and with my Dad now suffering from heart disease I wanted to highlight National Heart Month this February.

Go red, and join in the fun for the National Heart Month 2013.It’s your day to get together with colleagues, friends or pupils to wear red, have fun and help fight heart and circulatory disease, the UK’s biggest killer. Organising your Rock Up In Red day is easy, and you’ll find everything you need here – from fundraising tips to the latest news.

Help them to raise funds for their vital work for the British Heart Foundation.

Head to the website for more details –

Remember what they say ‘ Alone we can do so little, but together we can do so much’…


5 thoughts on “NATIONAL HEART MONTH…

  1. Hi, this is a touching post. I am sorry to hear that you lost your mother to heart disease.

    It’s great to see others using their blogs as a platform for raising awareness about health issues.

    I see that you yourself also suffer from back pain, may I ask what it was that inspired you to start this blog about it? It’s certainly a worthwhile read 🙂


    Simply Supplements


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