Daily Muse

Could you do with a bit of motivation to get yourself up and running?

Well this website will do the trick – UNSTUCK – – they also have a free ipad app.

Each Unstuck tool is designed to kick-start success for specific kinds of stuck moments. These interactive springboards can help you.

•Make a decision
•Set goals
•See all the possibilities
•Overcome obstacles
•Find the help you need
•Rediscover purpose
•Make a plan
•Crystallize your ideas
•Get motivated
•Deal with change

The website complete with its own iPad app, is a force of nature, why? Because it’s got quite a USP – yes the app connects you ‘in the moment’ with a whole community of other people dealing with their own minute challenges and winning! What could be more inspiring than that?

Each time we get stuck, it’s a little different. There are changes at home. Challenges at work. A relationship that needs some attention. Realizing you’re stuck is the first step in getting unstuck. The next move is figuring out how.

Maybe one of your new year resolutions was to join a yoga class, but as of yet you haven’t managed to get the motivation to join one. Well, this website says it can help.

It’s definitely worth a visit and a download if you have an ipad.


4 thoughts on “NEED A LITTLE MOTIVATION ?…

  1. It is really clever, I’ve had a good look at the website but the app is only available for an ipad. Hubby has one ( I’m using it now) but he uses it most of the time 🙂


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