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People blog for money, for fun or as a hobby, or for business, with many blogging for companionship and for writers, as a way for an audience of thousands, to read their work. Blogging is now becoming part of everyday life for some with blog awards popping up left right and centre. Some stories have even made the front page news and there are endless platforms where you can start a blog.

But I wonder how many have tried blogging for PAIN?

Well, I for one, started this back pain blog to help others who were suffering from chronic back pain like myself. At first I had just one to two readers a day but now have over 200 regular readers every day. I hope this means that I have helped some people with their pain or just given them a link to something that might be of use to them.

When I first started it I had no idea about the ‘social scene’ within the blogging community where I have amassed some amazing friendships with people from all over the world, not just in the UK.

My blogging friends have been there for me on my lowest of days and on my highest of days when I could celebrate with them something I had achieved or seen. To me the friendships I have gained here are quite different from any other friendships that I have.

The friendships are, I think, quite unconditional, in that they don’t question your illness as some friends do. I hear from many readers who say no-one believes how ill they feel ‘as they look so well’, whereas friends you develop within the blogging community get to know the real person and know without even needing to look at you that if you say you are going through a bad time, then you obviously are going through a bad time.

Being questioned about whether or how much pain you are in by someone who actually has no idea how much pain you are in, can be, and is very ‘degrading’. I know, I’ve been there, done it and worn the T-shirt (as the saying goes).

The love, and understanding that I have from here when I’m at my lowest has ‘always’ lifted my spirits. I do truly believe that ‘blogging’ should be introduced as a form of pain relief within the ‘Pain Management Programmes’ that are available to us all today.

I am also quite sure that there are a number of other aspects to everyone’s lives that have been helped in one way or another within the blog community, as I am sure many of my blogging friends would agree?

17 thoughts on “BLOGGING FOR PAIN…

  1. The community here really does help with all aspects of life when we need it. I am glad it also helps people that are suffering either physical or mental pain. A very uplifting post and I agree most wholeheartedly xx


    • Thanks bda, at the end of the day, where else can you get 20+ people wishing you well in just one day – chances are you would only get one phone call at home on your own. x


  2. You provide a great service Barb, somewhere people can discuss their pain, give and receive advice and learn where to get professional advice; and then go to your other blog and see whats cooking!


    • Oh definitely Kathryn as you will know. You write lots and lots and suffer so must really enjoy it. Once I’m a bit more in control of my pain then I know i will write more as I do really love it xx


    • Wouldn’t that be wonderful lllc, imagine if you could get 20+ calls in one day from friends who were all as nice as the ones I received messages from on here. xx


      • I am not sure I could cope with that many calls, lol. You would definitley be distracted 😀 I think pain is so isolating ‘though, you need to be able to maintain contact. Blogging is a superior way of doing this on your own terms.


  3. It is a lovely post, Bar. It can be very helpful to have the unconditional support and concern of blog friends who just accept that what you say is how it is! Still praying about your pain … 😦 hugs!


    • Thanks gilly, it is amazing how many can send you their unconditional love to get better in such a short space of time. At the moment I’m not really up to chatting to anyone so the phone is quiet which in actual fact can make you feel lonely but you only have to come on here and your friends are around you again.

      Thanks again, hubby is taking great care of me xx


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