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Healing has become a popular means of alternative treatment. The scientific theory behind this is that a patients brain waves are stimulated during the treatment which can then help the healing process to start.

Some healers believe ‘they’ have been given some sort of power to help speed up the body’s natural process of healing.

They say it is completely safe for people of any age or state of health. It is used for many conditions, in particular for stress and for muscoskeletal disorders and chronic illnesses.

It doesn’t always work but the patient usually finds that their ability to cope with their problems improves. Many healers only require one session but usually a number of sessions are required.

8 thoughts on “HEALING…”

    1. I do think it’s worth a go as ‘some’ do feel the benefit. I did try it without much success but I’ve had success with other types of Chinese therapies.


    1. I agree, I think some people really finds this help. At the end of the day it cannot do you any harm so it’s worth a shot. I used to see a lady (now retired) who used to do it to me. She was convinced it helped my back, I wasn’t sure, but I did feel good after her treatment. x


    1. Are you c, I’ve had some of that as well by the same lady, quite a few years ago now though. I do have a GP who does believe in some of these alternative therapies which I think helps as some are a bit funny about them. They should have more available on the NHS I think. I had my first physio today and start a course of Acupuncture on the NHS next week.xx


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