In a recent study only 1 in 5 people have ever done a first aid training course or the basic life saving skills.

Ignoring if someone needed help could be the difference between life and death. St. John’s Ambulance say up to 140,000 people die ‘each’ year in situations where first aid could have helped save their lives.

So make one of your New Year Resolutions to learn basic life saving skills. For more details on First Aid Training Courses, in your area from St. John’s Ambulance go to their website http://www.sja.org.uk

They also have a FREE iphone and Android First Aid app which has clear advice for everything from minor ailments to CPR.

12 thoughts on “LIFE SAVING SKILLS…”

  1. Very important advice I agree I did a course many moons ago but alas have forgotten most I think most places of work should employ somebody with these skills …


  2. A very good point Barmac. I have had the opportunity to resuscitate many people over the years with some sucess. One of the things to do is to go every year or you lose confidence. Remeber that advert ‘staying alive’ with Vinnie jones. You can’t go wrong by trying but you can by doing nowt. The least you can do is look on youtube if you can’t get to proper training.


    1. I do remember the advert and I agree you need to go every year like my daughter has to, as she is the company first aider. She has had to use it in the past. xx


    1. My daughter is her company first aider and she has to renew hers every year. She says she thinks she needs reminding of some things but it comes back in an emergency. She’s had to deal with a couple at work.


    1. Thank you m, my daughter is the first aider at her office and like you she has to be certified yearly.

      I had my first physio session yesterday which was mainly a consultation then a little bit of neck massage. She said she can see that I have significant weakness in my hands and so is going to see my pain consultant today to give him her views. MRi scans take about six weeks but she hopes that my next treatments (acupuncture) will help it a little while waiting for this.

      Hope your keeping well too ? xx


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