The VItality Show

If you haven’t been to the Vitality Show at Earls Court before, then you must make the effort to go to it this year. I really wish I could make it. You name it the show has it. It’s on from 21st-24th
March at Earls Court,

From Women of Cycling Awards, Mind over Matter Stage, Sport Area, Yoga Studio, Sex Academy, Holistic and Therapy Rooms, Health Kitchen, Health and Nutrition Theatre, Hair Salon, Body Bootcamp, Chill out Lounge, Crush Juice Bar, Fear and Phobia Clinic, Day Spa, Beauty and Styling Masterclasses, and a Beauty Bar.

Vitality Virgin? Never fear we’re on hand to tell you all about the birds and bees…well, kinda. You can just enrol in the Vitality Sex Academy for that. For now the least we can do is give you the lowdown on what to expect for just £20 at the Vitality Show.

•Over 60 FREE fitness and yoga classes.

•X-Factor’s Ella Henderson will be performing live and FREE on Sunday 24th March. New material, amazing voice, awesome hair, enough said.

•60 hours of FREE expert Health & Nutrition advice.

•30 FREE Beauty & Styling Masterclasses. Learn expert tips and tricks, discover spring / summer trends, gain style advice and have the chance to enjoy an ultimate makeover.

•Over 30 specialist life and career coaches will help you conquer your confidence issues and realise your dreams FREE at the Mind over Matter stage.

•FREE Cooking demos from the brilliant Dr Christy Ferguson, Sally Bee and Terry Hope Romero in our Healthy Kitchen will get you reaching for the wooden spoons.

•Never fear…like, ever again – at our Fear and Phobia Clinic you can get PRICELESS advice and help from celebrity favourites Ali Campbell and Phil Parker.

•Try your hand at Table Tennis, chase a shuttlecock or reacquaint yourself with Rounders FREE in our new Sports Arena.

•2013 marks our inaugural Sex Academy – will you enroll?!

•We have loads of exhibitors from the worlds of health, beauty and fitness.

•PLUS you leave with a free goody bag

And you can always upgrade to a VIP ticket to get even more from your day at Vitality.


4 thoughts on “THE VITALITY SHOW 2013…

  1. That sounds amazing. What a shame I live here and so far away. I would love to go to something like that. Do I see a road trip in my future? 🙂 hahaha! I will check for something like that over here. Hey my friend, how was your day? I am praying you were pain free or at the very least, managed to find some pain free moments in your day. Have a great sleep and a wonderful Thursday. Xxx


    • I think it sounds wicked and wish I could get there. Thanks for your kind words m, I’ve been a bit low over the last couple of days and am seriously thinking of asking my GP for a bit of something to give me a pick up as this is not like me at all. I usually just get on with it all, but I’m definitely struggling this time. Hope your well? x


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