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The National Pain Audit

The National Audit of Pain Services has been initiated to collect detailed data on pain services. The three year study aims to improve NHS services for people affected by chronic pain and will establish a national data collection system which will enable services to monitor performance, share data, feedback and consensus of interested parties. Areas of data collection will include, patient case mix, demographics, diagnosis, treatments, assessment of condition severity and patient outcomes.

To find your nearerst clinic just click onto ‘Find a Clinic’, and tap in your post code and how far you would travel, its as simple as that.

You can then find out general information and clinic facilities.

I hope this has been of some help to people who have not attended a pain clinic before. They are your lifeline to a pain free or pain controlled life.


  1. Hello my friend. I hope you are feeling better today. My days are so-so to horrid but I am smiling through it. I have a lot of uncontrollable nerve pain that is unbearable at times. This post is a good one as you can now understand. 🙂 I will search for similar over here. Thank you have a great sleep. Xxx


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