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They say that pain in the neck is one of the commonest and most troublesome symptoms, affecting people in middle age, and can be severe and incapacitating.

Mine started in my 30’s and resulted in two spinal surgeries after first being offered traction in hospital, which unfortunately just seemed to aggravate the problem.

One common cause of neck pain is what they called ‘Fibrositis’ (now called Fibromyalgia) and can cause pain and stiffness for mild inflammation of the muscles and ligaments. I can remember quite vividly how badly my mum suffered with it, which was usually treated with injections.

Other causes of back pain could be the result of a car accident which could damage your discs and ligaments.

Of course wear and tear over the years can also affect the small joints of the neck and the discs slowly degenerate.

You can also develop arthritis of the spine, which effects the movement of the neck which can become progressively limited. This can cause pain from the neck down the arm and movement of the neck can aggravate the pain.

Pain can also go into the head and skull.

Treatment can be through physiotherapy, spinal injections and pain control, but in some cases (like mine) it could result in spinal fusion. My first fusion was finished with animal bone and my second was with a bone graft from my hip.

Pain relief can be almost immediate after surgery and some are required to wear a soft collar for a few weeks.

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