Cami Confidential

Cami Confidential has developed a new product, in response to feedback from many of their customers who experience discomfort after undergoing various types of chest surgery.

Operations on the lung and heart, lymph nodes and breast can make every day movement painful and uncomfortable, so they wanted to create something to alleviate the problem.

The specially designed ‘Comfort Cushion’ is placed in the sensitive areas, and eases the pressure at vulnerable points where (often invasive) surgery has occurred. This is especially beneficial in bed, cushioning the underarm when sleeping on ones side, and in the car to pad between seatbelt and chest, reducing the burden in sensitive areas.

Their design is made up in a selection of pretty patterned fabrics, with adjustable shoulder straps so that it can be fitted by the wearer.

They also designed the Cami Confidential, which is a lightweight stretch lace, double fabric top, which fits over a bra, especially suitable for ladies after breast cancer surgery.

It is different to other tops because it hugs the chest and won’t fall away when you bend forward. It is also cut close to the armhole and softly elasticated for comfort. For more details or to buy the cushion which retails at £18 http://www.camiconfidential.co.uk/store/new-comfort-cushion


  1. Hello my friend. How was your day? How are you feeling? I am steady. Hoping to get test results early this week. Btw, those cushions above look great. I have something similar but it is heated. Bliss. Have a great sleep. Xxx


    1. Let me know your results when you get them m. Yes, I’m going to send off for one of these cushions, I think they look brilliant. I have a heated pad on the bed which I adore and use everyday. Hope your feeling a little better? x


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