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Happier for the iPhone and iPod touch is here to make you happier. The app focuses on uplifting events for you to share with loved ones, giving them that much needed dose of serotonin when all around the skies seem particularly grey.

This free app allows you to put all your ‘happiest moments’ and activities into an incredibly uplifting list,where at a touch of a button you can start your day over at any time and remind yourself just how great your life is.

They say that sometimes all you need is a little smile or a hug, with Happier it’s all kept right in your pocket. They also say that Happiness is contagious – so even if you’re too busy to upload, just keeping a beady eye on the happiness lists of your friends and family will have a serious knock on effect on yours too.

Failing that take a browse at the website to make you feel a little happier than you were before you entered it.


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