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Holistic Therapist Magazine is the first and only UK publication that offers a balance of business and industry features, with content for the therapists themselves. It caters for the desires and requirements of practising and studying holistic professionals.

The idea of this magazine was born in 2010, and after thorough research and careful planning has finally launched in January 2012. The founder and Managing Director, Jayson Firmager has selected an enthusiastic team to help him materialise his dream of bringing therapists The Industry’s No.1 Business Guide.

The HTM team has strong relationships with an impressive list of therapists, and suppliers, and is proud to provide readers with answers to their questions. At the planning stage of each issue, groups of therapists are asked what it is they wish to know about, to learn about, and to read about. Facts are sourced from professionals at the top of their field, who are all keen to be involved in what has been described as ‘a much needed industry title’.

HTM encourages business, CPD and good health. It is a platform for therapists to share their thoughts and opinions and to communicate with others in the holistic industry. Join our Forum to share your opinion, industry knowledge, and to have your questions answered.



    • I am too a, always on the look out and some I have bought have been useless and I have a million books but there are not many magazines – I think there is an opening for this type of magazine. There is also the Back Pain magazine which I can send you the link to if you want it? x


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